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Training Equipment

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Tackle Bag - Small
Lightweight construction for easy handling. Height: 125cm Diameter: 35cm This tackle ba..
Ruck Bag - Large (110cm x 40cm)
The upgrade from the small ruck bag as the bigger players graduate to this heavy duty bag, for ru..
Ruck Bag - Small (H64cm x  W60 x Step 31cm)
This small ruck bag has a soft durable outer casing with high density foam for durability. Id..
Ultimate coaching tool. Clear overlays to prepare coaching strategies. ..
Water Bottles (8 x 1lt) and Carrier
  Set of 8 Water Bottles, with Carrier. Each bottle's large 1 litre capacity ensure..
Whether you're the coach or assisting with training, a whistle is a must to gain control trai..
Medicine Ball - 5kg
Ross Faulkner branded medicine ball, 5kg weight. ..
Medicine Ball - 8kg
Ross Faulkner branded medicine ball, 8kg weight. ..
Medicine Ball - 3kg
Ross Faulkner branded medicine ball, 3kg weight. ..
Water Bottle 1Lt
Individual bottles for players to keep hydrated. 1Lt capacity.   Waterbottle Car..
Tag Belt (set of 10)
Great for team game with no tackling... grab the Tag off the players belt for ball turnoverRed or..
Cones (Pk of 20)
Great to set up boundaries and starting and finishing positions for drills Colors avail..
Goal Post Padding
Set of 8 Top grade foam-filled pads for ultimate protection.2.1m Length  x 25cm Diameter..
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